The courthouse

The Courthouse, inspired by Edwardian architecture makes an imposing mark in Westminster. Close to the Houses of Parliament, the building has 129 luxury apartments and nearly every apartment has its own exclusive parking space.

This was only made possible by DPS and Klaus Multiparking.

In 2014, DPS installed 104 parking spaces underground using a combination of the Klaus Multiparking TrendVario 4000 and 4300 systems.

The TrendVario is a premium semi-automatic car parking system that residents have full access to. The vehicles can be found in the underground car park, where they are stored conveniently and safely.

The Courthouse

The Courthouse is situated in the heart of SW1, offering easy access to nearby parking and the convenience of living near famous London landmarks.

The Courthouse

The Courthouse just a 10-minute walk from St James’ Park and Westminster tube stations enhances accessibility to nearby parking options.

The TrendVario models allowed the architects and building contractors to create vast amounts of parking in a very limited space.

Parking stackers are the perfect solution for locations where space is a luxury, like London, Europe’s most expensive city. The stackers offer space efficiency, car safety and modernisation and in turn, increase all of the apartment’s values. Their use cases are not limited as they are the perfect solution for many office, residential and commercial buildings.

The Courthouse, previously known as Horseferry Road, Magistrates Court was completed in 2014 by HLM Architects alongside Barratt London.

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The Courthouse parking system

Klaus Multiparking TrendVario 4000 and 4300 systems