Completed Parking projects

The Shard, London

The Shard

The Shard is an 87-storey skyscraper in Southwark, London that forms part of the Shard Quarter development. Standing at 310 metres, the Shard is the tallest building in the EU and despite its incredible size, it is host to a mere 48 parking spaces. Parking is so exclusive that it is reserved only for office workers and guests of the luxurious Shangri-La hotel.
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Canary wharf

The Klaus Trendvario 4100 Semi-Automatic System for Galliard Construction providing 103 parking spaces to this prime location in Canary Wharf. The system is accessed at ground level. The system can accommodate two vehicles one above the other, one of which is lowered into the pit. It requires less room height as a result.
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Jersey, Channel Islands


Jersey, Channel Islands The Klaus SingleUp 3015 is a real towering stacker system. If sufficient room height is available it accommodates three mid-size vehicles in a very confined space, ideal for car dealerships or a vintage car collection. All the parking spaces have a generous height of up to 180 cm. The entire construction is robust and low-maintenance.
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Lonsdale Road, London

Lonsdale Road

The Klaus ParkBoard PQ installed in a private house in central London. Installed by DPS, giving a valuable additional parking space. This pallet system moves the cars transversely. At the touch of a button, a powerful electric motor moves the parking pallets along rails, thus giving access to the desired parking space.
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The Klaus MasterVario R2C Fully Automatic Parking System, creating 4 parking spaces at a new high end residential development of 2 houses in Mayfair, London. Completed by Klaus Multiparking and DPS. An automatic tower system from KLAUS Multiparking is always the right choice if little floor space is available.
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Rathbone, london

Rathbone Square

Our parking solution for Rathbone Square was the fully automatic parking system MasterVario R3L from KLAUS Multiparking. In cooperation with the British construction and real estate company Lendlease, MAKE Architects, KLAUS Multiparking Germany and DPS UK, the perfect parking solution was worked out.
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The Courthouse, London

The Courthouse

The Courthouse, inspired by Edwardian architecture makes an imposing mark in Westminster. Close to the Houses of Parliament, the building has 129 luxury apartments and nearly every apartment has its own exclusive parking space. This was only made possible by DPS and Klaus Multiparking.
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West Drayton

The Klaus Multibase 2042 installed in a new residential development in West Drayton, giving an additional 2 valuable parking spaces. The MultiBase 2042 is the space-saving miracle among our premium parkers. The space-saving system is the most effective solution when it comes to a low installation height and pit depth.
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