Double Parking Systems

Multibase 2042

The MultiBase 2042 allows optimal utilization of the existing parking space. In particular, in case of small installation heights and pit depths, this system offers the most effective solution. Parking comfort and saving space are the major issues here.

MultiBase 2042 Stacker

Multibase 2042 Specification

- Single platforms (EB) for 2 vehicles or double-platforms (DB) for 4 vehicles
- Total height of standard type: 310 cm
- Pit depth of standard type: 150/155 cm
- Vehicle measurement: Heights from 150 to 154 cm, lengths from 500 to 520 cm
- Usable platform width for standard type: 230/460 cm, optionally up to max. 250/500 cm
- Standard design: 2.000 kg per parking space
- Slightly inclined access to all parking levels
- Platform surface: StandardGrip, optional AluLongLife or EasyWalk
- Independent parking

Field of Application

Residential and commercial buildings, single and semi-detached houses, office buildings, single garage, underground parking lot, ready-made garages, car parks, hotels.

Product Data – MultiBase 2042 

Tender Specification – MultiBase2042

DWG & DXF Files Available on Request