Our Parking Products

Explore our innovative parking solutions designed to maximize space and efficiency for commercial and residential projects alike. From car stackers to lifts and elevators, discover how we can solve your parking challenges with our state-of-the-art technology.

Our Multi Car Parking Range

Our versatile range of parking solutions are designed to offer the perfect answer to your parking problems. Any questions? Don't hesitate to get in touch.

Car Stackers

Suitable for stacking two to three cars vertically, our car stackers offer the best car parking solutions for private, residential and small-scale developments.

Semi Automatic Systems

For maximum flexibility and comfort, our semi-automatic parking systems can be combined and expanded later to double the number of available parking spaces.


Turntables are the brilliant solution. At the press of a button, the vehicle is turned on the spot, allowing the driver to quickly and easily exit the area.

Fully Automatic Systems

Absolute comfort with parking comes with fully automatic parking systems. The MasterVario range is our premium parking solution.

Car Lifts/Elevators

Carmec specialise in bespoke Car Lifts / Elevators for many different applications, they also design and manufacture many lifting and parking solutions.


Pallets, the perfect solution for more parking, when there’s less space. So simple, yet so effective in the right situation.